Mar 18, 2014 · Ipad works fine, but my and my husband's laptops _both_ will not connect - recognise the network, but say local access only. So it's unlikely to be malware, I would think. So it would be great if

Fortunately, troubleshooting your internet connection is fairly simple, as far as apartment fixes go. Take a look at these tips when your Wi-Fi is not working to quickly get your online lollygagging back in order. Why is my internet not working? Before you even get up to yell at your router, take a look at the Wi-Fi icon on your device. May 17, 2013 · I have recently been dual screening my laptop to my monitor so i can watch Netflix while i do work. However last night i plugged in my HDMI and my monitor screen just stayed black & and i cannot see/use any windows on my laptop? not sure what has happened any help would be appreciated! Windows 8.1 a Dell inspiron 17 5000 series laptop. Reply Jan 29, 2012 · In the middle of checking my email yesterday my Internet connection was lost. My motel and router are working and I have reset both and my computer many times and tried to restore my computer from a backup point when it was working it still wont connect. Feb 17, 2004 · Yes I have to repair my INTERNET connection when I start windows. In addition, I must occasionally repair INTERNET while online. It seems that after 4-8 minutes my INTERNET loses connection. My computer is on a home wireless network with 3 other computers, all of the other computers connect to the internet and work. mine suddenly won't connect anymore. I mouse over the icons in the Apr 08, 2008 · IE, Mozilla, and Safari are referred to as, "Browsers." i do no longer think of IE could be uninstalled from a working laptop or pc. flow to start up > Run Then form in C:application FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe once you're on a Mac, i don't recognize what to allow you to recognize in case you haven't any longer have been given any sparkling CDs.

1. My windows 7 laptop could connect to the wifi and work well. 2. My windows 10 PC connected to the network properly but have problem with the internet. 3. Browser cant even load a webpage . 4. When I try to ping any website, it shows request time out. 5. I have tried any solution I found on the net such as flushing dns, resetting tcp, etc. 6.

This reader starts up normally, shakes a little and stars making that normal "burrr" sound like always but just for a second. Then it goes quiet and I can't find the DVD's files anywhere on my computer. I've tried: Cleaning the lens, restarting my computer in safe mode, uninstalling the DVD ROM in the device manager.

I recently switched rooms with my father. His room is the farthest from the router which is in my brothers room. His laptop always had 5 bars of connection and worked like a dream. I made the horrible mistake of unplugging my PC before shutting it down. Now It says it has limited, or in most cases disconnects from my internet.

There are a lot of reasons for internet to stop working when another device such us your computer to stop the internet. Since you only gave us limited information I will try and list a few possible scenarios: 1. Oct 31, 2006 · Re: My laptop doesn't recognize my wireless network connection Bob I know this is old but it is the same computer and two other laptops work just fine. My Dell Inspiron 6000 does not recognize my wireless router, My granddaughter's Sony vaio and and Hp Pavillion work fine. I hv been trying for hours and i cant even turn the wifi on, whenever i click on the wifi icon, it will lead me to network md internet settings, if i click on the physical wifi button on my accer laptop, it will just turn on n off the airplane mode, using fn+f12 has done nothing good to it either, pls kindly hlp me with this, this accer swift 5 is ony half month old, n i really need it to go