Perhaps you don't want an application to access the network because you don't want to use network-enabled features. What the installer is telling you is that, since Skype is a "classic" snap, you cannot stop Skype from accessing all these resources (network, camera, etc.), at least not in an easy way.

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To allow Skype to access the webcam and microphone, press the Allow button when prompted. Figure : Allowing Skype to access the webcam and microphone. To allow Skype to run in the background, press the Allow button when prompted. On the Start screen, click the Skype tile to start setting up your account.

By downloading the Skype Preview, you’ll gain early access to our newest and coolest features. Of course, while you’re having fun, know that this app is a work in progress. We're hoping to get your vital feedback as we add new enhancements and features to Skype.

How to Use Skype - YouTube Apr 18, 2017 How to Grant Microphone Access on Skype | Skype for iPhone Skype can also ask for permission to access your camera,photos, contacts, or share your location. If you do not allow any of these rights, you will not be able to accomplish the action set out to do. For example, if you are making or receiving calls you will see a notification allow the microphone.