Jan 01, 2020

Dec 31, 2019 10 Best DNS Servers For Free, Public And Gaming In 2020 Best DNS Servers For Free, Public and Gaming In 2020. OpenDNS is also the best free public DNS server provider and available on the web that you can use right now. OpenDNS was founded in 2006 with a safer, faster, and better internet browsing experience for all users. Top 15 Best DNS Servers (Free/Public) 2020 Nov 14, 2019 Change IPv4 and IPv6 DNS Server Address in Windows Apr 03, 2020

So, here we are introducing The Top 10 Best Free DNS Servers You Must Use For Fastest Internet. Best Free DNS Servers to Surf & High Speed Internet. Google Public DNS Server; Google Public DNS Server is the free and fastest DNS service proffered by Google which was launched in December 2009.

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Dec 04, 2019

[HSI] Charter DNS IPv6 Issues - Charter Spectrum Mar 24, 2019 Custom IPv6 DNS server - Feature Requests - eero Community I really need this too. I use OpenDNS to prevent my kids from accessing adult content websites and without the ability to set IPv6 OpenDNS DNS numbers it doesn't work. I can switch off IPv6 and stick with only IPv4 which will work since I can change the DNS numbers for IPv4, but why not offer IPv6 DNS customization too? Makes no sense. Best Free Public DNS Servers - Online Tech Tips Jan 23, 2015 Best Gaming DNS Servers for your Xbox One, PS4 and