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Google DNS has been popular for a long time and later came the IBM DNS dubbed Quad9. In the last week, we have known, new DNS faster and private than those of Google launched by Cloudflare. DNS: vs vs The arrival of Cloudflare’s DNS has shaken up a segment that seemed quite dominated by Google and OpenDNS What is the Best IP address to Ping to Test my Internet Sometimes you just need an IP address to be check your internet connection. My current favourite IP address is to use the Google DNS servers. which are the IPv4 addresses and I have a favourite IP address to ping in Australia at which is the primary name server for the largest carrier in Australia. How To Change DNS to Google Public DNS Servers for Faster

Google public DNS server routing to China - Spiceworks | dns.google - Google LLC, United States See all details about IP | PTR record is dns.google. This IP is hosted by Google LLC (AS15169) and located in the country United States.

Idiots, people who are using Google DNS ( will show up as That mean's, not Google, but someone using their DNS for faster internet, were trying to log on to your site as admin - 2019-04-24

Mar 31, 2015 · Google's Public DNS IP addresses (IPv4) are:;; Google's Public DNS IPv6 addresses are: 2001:4860:4860::8888; 2001:4860:4860::8844; Hopefully this guide will help you avoid problems with your DNS configuration and provide you with more reliable resolution. Of course, you're always welcome to contact us and we'll be more than I have a Chrome cast device that will only use google dns and I would like to have the router forward all DNS queries to to an alternate address being Like what they are doing in the following link but using pfsense. Aug 13, 2018 · Google notes a recent study that pegs usage of at 10% of internet users. As the largest public DNS resolver, hundreds of millions of users result in a trillion queries served per day. Jun 06, 2015 · Hướng dẫn đổi DNS Google DNS Google là 1 trong những DNS tốt nhất hiện nay và được nhiều người sử dụng với tốc độ cao và ổn định, trong trường hợp đứt cap quang hoặc bị các lỗi liên quan tới các dịch vụ google hoặc một số dịch vụ liên quan thì đổi DNS Google cũng có thể giúp bạn sửa Jul 20, 2020 · Faster than Google and OpenDNS. Google also has a public DNS ( and for IPv4 service, and 2001:4860:4860::8888 and 2001:4860:4860::8844 for IPv6 access), but Cloudflare is faster than Google, and faster than OpenDNS (part of Cisco) and Quad9.