The strange is that user from site B uses remote desktop to print from other server and never had any problem. I read some article and it stays that in my case the raw data (already processed)go to printer over vpn tunnel and it is huge volume. They suggest to send EMF file and do the rendering in site B.

At that point on a lan-2-lan VPN you can always print from head office to the remote printer THROUGH the remote computer (which must be on). On a VPN where the remote computer VPNs into the head office, remote printing would only work after the VPN is established by the remote computer. How to share printer over VPN connection? - TechSpot Forums Mar 05, 2007 I am unable to print to my network printer when I am

Jun 08, 2015

vpn and printing at home - TechRepublic If your VPN address space at the office is the same as your home address space, it may be possible that your print jobs are being sent to the same address of your printer, but on the office side 6 Troubleshooting Steps for Printing Over VPN - Internet Adjust Your VPN Settings. With some VPNs like NordVPN, connecting your computer to the wireless …

Dec 19, 2007

We have set a VPN in the office using WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL through port 444. It is working fine but we have a requirement which I'vevbeen told cannot be done. We want that someone that is connected in the network can print in a label printer in a remote warehouse. The remote warehouse has a PC connected to the network through the VPN. Printing locally while connected to VPN - Microsoft Community Nov 29, 2016 Solved: Enable local printing while VPN is up - Cisco